Happy Friday!! I wanted to go over a couple of highlights we had in our classrooms this week. 
Toddler A children were tie-dying shirts for this month’s country. The children were also getting more familiar with country songs. In Infant 1, Alisa rolled over twice on her own and Liam had better head control during tummy time. Toddler .5 took a ton of trips to warren park to play in the sprinklers and played with the older children in the other classrooms.
New Teachers
I would like to introduce a new member to our Rock and Roll Daycare community! Some of you probably have already seen her face and said hello. However, I want to formally introduce them to the parent community. Below you will see their photo and an introduction of who they are, their experience, and why they what they do.
Hi to all of the families at East Cambridge. My name is Kaitlyn but you can call me Kate or Katie or KC.  I am originally from Prospect Rock and Roll. I have been at RRDC for about 3 ½ years now but I recently just came back from a long maternity leave. I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy who is now 5 months old 🙂 and turning 6 months Monday the 12th. I am a very outgoing person. Working with children was never a choice; It was like a calling. I have been working with children since I could remember from toddlers to preschool through infants and pre K. I’ve pretty much have been all over the place minus elementary school. I plan on continuing my education and becoming an elementary teacher 🙂
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